Privacy Policy

Vibe recognizes that privacy is important. This privacy policy applies to  all information contained, used, disclosed or collected on this Site, all Services and any products offered on this Site by Vibe. Terms and conditions of Vibe’s privacy policy are  as follows:  

A. Personal Information.

Vibe may collect and retain certain personal information based on, among other things, User-provided information, User browsing, User purchases, User class history and by use of cookies. By submitting such information, accessing this Site and/or engaging Services, User agrees and consents to such collection and retainage of personal information.

B. Third-Party Websites.

This Site may contain links to third-party websites that are  not controlled or operated by Vibe. This privacy policy does not apply to any  such third-party websites and Vibe is not responsible for the content of such third party websites or the respective privacy policies of such third-party websites. 

C. Use and Storage of Personal Information.

User’s personal information may be  used by Vibe to provide User with promotional notices, informational material  and/or offering and delivering the Services. Vibe may store User’s personal  information when User interacts with the Site but Vibe will delete User’s personal  information upon written request by User. 

D. Disclosure of Personal Information.

Vibe will not sell or license any personal  information collected from User.

E. Security

Although Vibe will engage in reasonable steps to protect User’s personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration and/or disclosure, User recognizes and understands that Vibe cannot guaranty that such personal information will be completely secure or error-free due to the nature of the internet and internet transmissions.

F. Modification of Privacy Policy

Vibe may modify or update this privacy policy at any time which modification or update shall be valid and effective upon its posting to this Site.